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support the /'angstalt/...

if you like what the /'angstalt/ is doing, you are able to contribute to this project and help it to maintain its productivity. we'd really like to make the /'angstalt/ a community project to a greater extend than it has been in the past. while it might produce problems to try to let you all join our reheasals, there are several ways you can support this project. you'll see that they don't exclude each other ;-)

... by spreading our work

we release our work to be realised. you'll find that most of it is released under the terms of free licenses, so that nothing prevents it from beeing spread. therefore it is not illegal to share it, but you'd do us a favor by copying our music, images, poems etc. (with respect to the license terms as indicated, e.g. it might be noted that commercial use of the material is not allowed in some cases). if you're not sure, just ask us.

as a matter of fact, the /'angstalt/ was never "commercially motivated". from its start, it was about expression and reaction, where it can only help the more people notice us. the chosen licenses grant you some rights: burn cd's, share our music in p2p-nets, cite lyrics, make yourselves t-shirts — and credit us as the original authors.

... by organising a concert

often we are being asked when our next gig here or there will be. since /'angstalt/ is not a commercially intended project, we must make for our living otherwise. unfortunately, we don't find enough time to organise concerts, which is a pitty because we love to play for audiences. you'd really do us a great favor, if you checked back with us and asked venues on our behalf. if you think you have something interesting, drop a note.
we'd like to play abroad pretty much, don't hesitate to ask us.

... by giving feedback

art is ment to provoke reactions. at least that's what we think. so please make contact: tell us where you found the /'angstalt/, send us your interpretaions of our work or describe what it does with you. just give an answer because otherwise we might get the impression that what we do doesn't touch anything.
another important feedback for us is your corrections. we're no native english speakers, so in addition to a lot of typos you will find incorrect grammar or even sentences that are so wrong htat you probably don't understand them at all. please help us by correcting any errors you find.

... by subscribing to our newletter

we provide a newsletter service, which will inform you about important changes around the /'angstalt/ project, that is new releases, concerts etc. it's not a high traffic mailing list, normally mails come every few weeks or months. this is probably the only reliable way to get importand dates in time, unless you want to check our news section on a regular basis ;-)