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»there is no 'must' in art, which is free eternally. art is fleeing from 'must' like day does from night. one sees that depending on a 'school', hunting for a 'way', the need for 'principles' in a piece of art and for specific, timely means of expression can only lead to the wrong paths, and must resolve in misunderstanding, in eclipse, dumbness. blind for any 'appreciated' or 'unappreciated' form, deaf for doctrines and wishes of the time an artist shall be. his open eyes shall be directed towards his inner life, and his ears shall be devoted to the mouth of intrinsic urgency constantly. then he will reach for every permitted means, and for every forbidden means as easy... all means are sacred if they are innermost neccessary. all means are sinful if they do not derive from the source of intrinsic urgency.«

wassily kandinsky,
in: "on the spiritual in art" (1911)

it's not about a 'message' —
and yet you might have something to say.
it's not about 'entertainment' —
and yet you might have fun.
we're looking for ourselves — and found this music.
sometimes very low, sometimes very loud.
harmonic, dissonant, peaceful or aggressive...
it is like we are.
and has to be this way.
slightly different every day.