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:: freedom ::

the /'angstalt/ is a freedom loving project. therefore it's not at all a crime to copy our work, but you'd do us a favour with that. if not indicated otherwise, our work as it is presented on this homepage is released under the terms of the following creative commons license, version 3.0 (for further explaination please follow the links!):
creative commons license

:: music ::

we offer you several releases of the /'angstalt/ for free download. if not noted otherwise, these pieces of music stand under the license mentioned above.
an exception is, for instance, the material released on our debut album "ex.". back in may 2003 we put it under the terms of the »green open music license«, which you might compare to the »attribution/share alike«-license.

:: lyrics ::

the poems, lyrics, stories, news etc. on these pages you might as well use under the terms mentioned above, unless stated otherwise.
this explicitly includes m.'s book of poems »herzwüsten«. the »phantomherzen« are licensed under »attribution—non-commercial—share alike« v3.0. excluded is the quote from wassily kandinskys treatise »on the spiritual in art«.

:: graphics ::

excluded from these terms is all work by h punkt k punkt, for instance, which might only be used elsewhere if you have his permission.

:: human knowledge belongs to the world ::