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(»9:30« • december 2000)

01(2:22)[.zitat ende.] (demo)
02(9:44)lautlossagen (l'esclave de l'amour)
04(6:42)in seinem namen
05(2:51)sargsteinschlag (version)
06(6:53)das blaue zimmer. (demo)
08(5:07)er spricht: (live in hildesheim 1998)
09(6:05)in seinem namen (live in hildesheim 1998)
10(2:31)laetitia (akustik demo)
11(2:11)aus angst vor nähe...
12(5:12)[..november..] (live in hildesheim 1998)
15(4:10)schmetterlings traum
16(5:49)herbstwasser (live in hildesheim 1998)
march 3rd 2000 was /'angstalt/s fifth anniversary. we felt it was time to reflect our past — that's how the idea of »[halb:zehn]« was born; for the first time works of /'angstalt/ were released on cd. in addition to tracks from our long sold out debut »ex.« there's a lot of strange and rare material from our archives on this 80 minutes long compilation, e.g. "theben" from our very first demo tape ».eins.« (».one.«), the first 4-track-demo versions of »das blaue zimmer« (»the blue room«) or the previously unreleased »[.zitat ende.]« (»[.end quote.]«). it came with a 20-page booklet explaining the history of /'angstalt/, also all lyrics are included (some with comments). during the very day of the anniversary, the previously unreleased instrumental »laetitia« could be downloaded from some portals. its title came from the porn actress laetitia zappa (this piece is somewhat a reaction to the melancholy and sadness this young swiss woman let shine through some interview sequences in a documentary called »heidi im pornoland«).
since »[halb:zehn]« was meant to be a birthday present, this release was limited to 50 numbered copies you could have ordered directly from us in december 2000. on /'angstalt/s 10th anniversary, march 3rd 2005, we released the previously only on »[halb:zehn]« available songs an this webpage, and did so using a free license again.

:: press ::

review on "[ha1b:2ehn]" in the german mag "orkus" (10/2001)

»no, neither the band's name nor the album title are printet wrong, this band is really called /'angstalt/. with [halp'tse:n] we have a compilation of older demo material and live recordings of the german formation /'angstalt/, which doesn't fit into clichés nor can't be put in pigeonholes. so, where to begin? let's try to start with the lyrics — they're poems, almost exclusively written in german, put to music, sung. and they're put to music very experimentally and wilfully. sometimes devoting themselves to a somewhat seventies-like sound, /'angstalt/ are venting their creativity and downright get carried away with anti-song structures. [halp'tse:n] is a hard to consume album — it demands almost as much from its listeners as from the artists while creating their music. but it's worthwhile, since you're being rewarded with "understanding" of that music. you can get the cd at http://www.angstalt.de or as usual from m., frankfurter str. 10/20, 35037 marburg for 19 dm.«
(stefan walther)