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« beschwiegen probleme « .eins. » kein muß. musik. »
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(».one.« • spring 1996)

a4(4:03)sargsteinschlag (version)
b1(7:52)in seinem namen
b2(15:53)lautlossagen (l'esclave de l'amour)
»wenn man von menschen enttäuscht wird,
gibt's da noch musik und bedeutung.«

...explains the 16-paged b/w booklet that came with our first tape — a quote from »howard's end«. this recording was done without external help on four tracks in our rehearsal space — you might have an idea how professional it might sound. we never sold it, but copied it for everyone who showed interest in it. though he didn't really show that particular interest, we gave a copy to the a&r-guy of the 'play it again sam' label/'freibank' publishing house, and he said: »they're very young, but they mustn't give up at any case.«
though there are not more than six tracks on ».eins.«, it's over half an hour long. »theben« is a beatuyful instrumental for piano, acoustic guitar and strings in 5/4 beat (later re-released on »[ha1b:2ehn]«); the version of »sargsteinschlag« has few in common with the one on »ex.« and is instrumental as well (we really don't know how many versions of »sargsteinschlag« there were until now — or probably are yet to come...).
this version of »lautlossagen (l'esclave de l'amour)« with almost 16 minutes is particularly disturbing and disintegrates into obscure noise at about 11 minutes. another quote from the booklet:

»who not silly asks, stays!«