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« kein muß. musik. « ex. » [ha1b:2ehn] »
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(march 3rd 1998)

a1(6:39)in seinem namen
a2(2:09)aus angst vor nähe...
a4(2:52)die zeitraffer
b1(8:37)die frage
b3(2:49)sargsteinschlag (version)
b4(9:42)lautlossagen (l'esclave de l'amour)
c1(4:07)schmetterlings traum
we somehow liked the idea to call our first album »ex.«. it was recorded in five days on eight tracks with one marc in april 1997. but it wasn't finished until early 1998, mostly due to the booklet. it had 12 pages and was pretty colourful. there are exactly 99 copies of »ex.«, released on mc only. they were sold out shortly after its initial release, and we didn't feel like prducing a second edition. instead, we decided to make its music available for free download, for four years it was available in .mp3 format.
well, since nowadays services like mp3.com want to get payed for distributing our free music, which we think is quite absurd, in spring 2003 we decided to put the whole album under a free license and to upload ogg-vorbis files of higher quality for you to download. you can get each track listed above by clicking on its title.
»schmetterlings traum« (»butterfly's dream«) was recorded during these sessions as well, but didn't make it on the album later (why actually?). regulary it wasn't released until 2000 on »[ha1b:2ehn]« (which is not quite accurate, for there are very few 'special' copies of the »ex.«-tape with »schmetterlings traum« as a hidden track).