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during anthesis in heart deserts

a floristic manual on stone gardening

("zur blütezeit in herzwüsten — ein floristisches handbuch zur steingärtnerei" · may 6th 1999)


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about 50 poems in eight chaptacts, with an agenda and a prospect. the limited first edition was released on 6th of may 1999 on blue, transparent marble vellum and sold out just some weeks later.
because of the number of requests, february 2000 saw the release of a second edition, this time on blue granite paper.


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bettina glas reviewed m.'s first anthology in the german mag 'orkus' (4/1999):

»to all orkus readers who feel at ease especially on our 'gedanken' pages ["thoughts", two pages with poems -- ed.], i'd like to recommend a book that is worth building a treasure chest for it exclusively: in here, m. composed his lyric, which is so unspeakably beautiful, profound and full of life, that i'm hardly able to describe with words what m. is capable of expressing with speech. therefore i'd like to tell you the story in short, how this all began: when i read the sent in poems for our "gedanken" anthology, a postcard caught my attention that read a short poem which had incredible strength in its few lines. the poem therefore found its place in our book that we presented during the wave gotik meeting in leipzig. beeing also there, m. saw that his poem has actually been released and asked me about it. after leipzig we kept in touch in writing and i had the opportuity to learn more of his work. this later brought up the idea to put them together in a book to let more people share these poems. well, the end product i now hold in my, admittedly shaking, hands. it turned out to be something very special: m. opened his heart and soul for us and put them in this book. in nine chapters, a world is being disclosed to the reader, which one enters carefully and shy to never ever want to leave it again. if you are the kind of people who do not want to go under in the superficiality an agitation of our communication age, if you want to live with the poeple who surround you and not next to them, you will find words in this book that express exactly what you feel. i'd very much like to cite from »zur blütezeit in herzwüsten«, and due to the limited space here i'll have to chose a short poem (m., you'll forgive, of course it's just a very limited impression i'm able to present here):

sie spricht nicht zuviel
und sie zu vertehen
ist wie einen traum zu deuten

sagt ganze welten
ohne worte
belebt sie den raum

wir verschwiegen uns die zeit
schätzten uns nicht glücklich
sondern waren es einfach

eichten die sinne
öffneten uns
und waren frei!

as full of love as his lyric, and with a sense for the essential littlenesses of life, is the graphical layout of m.'s book. the beauty doesn't lie in exuberant wallow but chary and careful choice of vellum, font and binding. the independently published book is designed like a self-made present for a person you deeply care about. [address] i put this very special book directly from my heart to yours.«
(bettina glas)