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kein 'muß'. musik.
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kein 'muß'. musik.

(»no 'must'. music.« • february 1997)

kein 'muß'. musik.
a1schmetterlings traum

»there is no 'must' in art.«

of course this statement from kandinsky inspired the title of this tiny tape. recorded in our rehearsal space on four tracks again, these two songs were the first to be somewhat 'produced' (»well, tape is running, play.«) and mixed by marc. we were planning to compete for something with it — 'officially' this work was never released and therefore is just another fascinating curiosity in our archives. numerous complications occured, so we later had to record all the vocals in m.'s bed room. we still wonder what his neighbours were thinking when they heard alex shouting over and over again:

»ich würd' jetzt gerne weinen, doch bitte dreht euch vorher um...«

(»i'd really like to cry now, but please turn around before.«)