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(november 29th 2010)

a1(7:50)k.rebs (du bist nicht mehr auf der uhr)
a2(6:01)wie weich
b1(5:10)das blaue zimmer.
b2(8:24)für eine hand voll zucker
10" vinyl EP in gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 copies (hand numbered, the first 300 of which are in purple vinyl) released through »weisser herbst produktion« (herbst 047). subscribers to our newsletter were invited to order »museon« in advance and given an extra poster (50x70 cm) for free.

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we couldn't define different shipment costs depending on the destination, so we defined different prices for the item itself. in case you'd like to order more than one item, please contact us first.

please choose destination: (add another €5,00 p&p per order)
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:: credits ::

rettich (keys, drums)
norman (drums, percussion)
m. (guitar, voice, bass)
stefan (bass, keys)

roman rütten (production & mix)
albert-georg lang (mastering)
marc hölscher (pre-production)
recorded at DGH, ahrbergen & weisser herbst studio, frankfurt

also audible are
laura assadi moghaddam (violin)
martin ostapczuk (cello)
christiane hajek (freeflight on »wie weich«)
and the framus of anna nitsche

m., using
giuseppe bognanni: »the tiny great artist« (CC-BY)
walraven: »mineral -- free texture« (CC-BY)
happysweetmama: »wisteria paper sepia tones texture« (CC-BY)
work/space (blowback photography): »free texture: panda steaks« & »free textures: h&b« (CC-BY)